dating pool

5 09 2006

The dating pool collects info about anyone who wants to make new friends or SMS somebody. It’s so simple like this line : just leave your phone number and any details of you in that comment box below and throw that into the dating pool.




18 responses

6 09 2006

hi i”m dienssen,
wanna make lots of friends and even more if possible…
like playing pool, going out to parties , dancing etc
student and living at rose hill. Sms me on 7762420 or even give a call..

6 09 2006

mari sa!!coumsa dohhh!!me i like everything…mo bien content sa foto soz la..mouton la hahaha c ki top ladans c ki li vrai c ki mouton la dire..we never needed internet dating in the old days…so real!sahre your views…

18 09 2006
4 10 2006
williams whelan(mastermind)

salut moi c williams…. i love electronic music like house and trance..i also mix at home on my platine and mixer..if u want u can text me on 4902082 at any time or to play pool..les fille qui on envi de voir ma photo..c simple aller

13 10 2006

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww kel mouton c coollllllllllllllllllll

19 10 2006

ima pimp wht ya kno bout me

19 10 2006

holla at ya boi miispace

21 11 2006

Hi there,

Didier here from Mauritius definitely and god i tell u what, life reallly sucks in the UK man, it does and the icing on the cake is, fall in love with a Mauritian girls and u r doomed for life. I just cant understand them, n guess what, i think that the probs are more serious for Mauritian girls. No offence to anyone but this is the bottom line, I know there’s always exceptions but if u are to date a girl born in the Uk, life’ll be much more easier. But who can reason with the heart, not me though!!! Only i know what i’ve been goin thru and jesus christ thats hard life man. Why do they cant keep it uncomplicated?

24 11 2006

hi jayva…………… how’s life 4 you………………….. do you miss me

24 11 2006

hello jess may i know who r you??? 😉

25 11 2006

slt Jayva n_n Finalemnt tne reussi gagne to comment *wink* lol
J’ trouve ce site cool..tout comme sn createur;p Non, sans blague, t vraimnt bien (1peu accroc a l’internet mais grave)lol

Keep going and take care (o_-)

27 11 2006

merci hey pas dire tou dimoune cuma mo apelles.. apel mwa comradejv ok 😉 kan to gagne lestan vin fair ene tour lor mo site mo pou poster nuvo l’artict ok bye tekker….

27 11 2006

yo mane what’s up????? it’s quiet in here ;P

29 11 2006

slt,ben g voudrais avoir un ami..voici mon email addresse mwa le plus vite possible

4 12 2006

how come you don’t know me………………………………. am very special for you…………….think well

14 12 2006
carvert warren (Eviljess)

salut moi c warren…. j’aime la musique electronic comme la house,le techno et trance..j’aime aussi le rock…si tu veu tu pe me text sur le 4952457 kan tu veu ou msn…’aime les jeux video, la musique et… les filles aussi etc..!! A+

27 07 2007

c moi vimal.. wanna know me more..
like evrything in life except working hours
so catch me on 7786042
will try to do my best for U in any situation.. les filles

27 09 2007

YO,je suis Owen mon pere est un jamaicain et ma mere mauriciene…………bein…… tu veut onppeut etre ami.c tout.A+

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