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6 09 2006

20 latest nokia mobile phone

The New Nokia N80 empowers you to pursue your personal and professional goals with equal fervour.

There’s no better time than now. The Nokia N71 is the perfect device for your active, spontaneous life.

Small and stylish, the new Nokia 9300i is a powerful and reliable business tool with a touch of sophistication.

A high quality 3G phone that’s smart, savvy, and stylish. The Nokia 6233 adapts to your life’s various needs—be it for business or pleasure.

Phone, music player, camera: any way you twist it, the Nokia 3250 phone is all you need.

Groove on the go. This mobile jukebox has room for up to 3,000 of your favorite stereo tracks. It’s a premium music device that snaps quality photos and has all other smartphone features too. Meet the Nokia N91.

Looking for ways to improve your swing? Look no further. The Nokia N93 Golf Edition with Pro Session Golf Software is a convenient mobile solution that brings video swing analysis to any golfer serious about their game.

Experience the power of a touch: With its stylish fold design and soft-touch coating, the Nokia 6131 feels just right.

Mixing durability with fun, the Nokia 6070 boasts all the features you want, with the reliability you need.

Simple and straightforward, the Nokia 1112 makes life’s little pleasures easier.

Designed for a life in tune, the Nokia 2310 gives you inspiration and style on the go.

Uncover a dynamic new voice with the ergonomic and easy to use Nokia 2610.

It’s got the looksand got the brains to match. Amplify your world with the Nokia N72.

Great photography is just the beginning. Capture and share inspiration with the Nokia N73.

Capture every moment in DVD-like quality video with the Nokia N93. See the world with new eyes.

Text to speech capabilities, sports tracking with audio feedback, integrated MP3 player with FM radio, 2-megapixel camera on Nokia5500.

Make business mobile with advanced voice, push email, and office tools. NokiaE50.

A little treasure with a fresh outlook to staying in touch. Nokia1110i.

Simplicity, connectivity, and reliability: great features were never so easy on Nokia6151.

Stylish and packed with features: see and be seen with the Nokia 6080 phone.

Which one would you chose???




11 responses

6 09 2006

i would say if u want a good nokia mobile only rawat is the place to purchase it..if u want a sony ericsson mobile harel mallac is the place to get one…but if u want a good motorola then america is the best palce to get one…dont ever b trapped in the marketing of mobiles by companies like cash and carry u will certainly lose value for money…IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!DURING THE 2MONTHS TO COME DONT TRY TO PURCHASE A NOKIA 6280 ANYWHERE THER IS A DEFECT FROM ORIGIN!!!!certainly my favourite mobile is the nikia 6280 and second best motorola V3X and third best any sony ericsson mobile…so keep in touch with every technologigal issues…if u have any query about mauritius telecom MyT do send me a message right here………

6 09 2006

one may stand speechless before these nokia mobiles..but lets make life simpler…it costs around Rs.13000, it stands sexy with its flappy style and is easy to use anytime anywhere..talking about the latest MOTOROLA V 3X…treny, a bit girlish but yet powerful and easy to use..
with approx. 2mega pixels color resolution 1600 x 1800 pixels, inbuilt memory of 64mb and two cameras, this 3G mobile is yet set to seduce each one of get one right now and say HELLO MOTO!!!!!

6 09 2006

For me sony ericsson is the best mobile till today. I have used motorola v3 and don’t like its camara nokia is better. Maybe i will buy a k700i. I encorange everyone who want to buy a mobile phone of good quality buy sony ecrisson k700i…

6 09 2006

ta comradejv cote to fine alle coquin sa info ;} pas dire moi ;} attane mo pe encore faire mo choix la mo dire toi

6 09 2006

comradejv ale cachiette parla dohh best phone c nokia 3310 mo ena ene nokia 3310 depi en 1999 and its still goig strong..i now have a sony ericsson T230 so battery ine fini ran gazz and tomorrow mo p get a motorola v 3x and i still think its fragile. alors mo mo conseil all people to buy nokia 3310 😉

6 09 2006

moi mo ti pou prend sa N91 la ou sa N93, mo plie content mob ouvert-ferme(coquille hihi 😉 nice lists comradejv 😉 hey moi aussi mo pour Sony Ericsson whee plito sa ki Nokia

Nokia li stylish mais cote functionalite, Sony Ericsson balier sa…..MObilEmail glisser mari bien lor SE sans faire catata mais essaye sa lors Nokia to dire moi, to dire 1c SMS be avoy moi tranquille mo SE.

Dans SE mo prefere k700i ou sa banne nouveau ki eta mp3 la mo pas trop conne serie la ;P

whee apres pena pli bon portab ki SE pou faire wap man


6 09 2006

To ena raison. Ena payie p prend sa protable 3310 p arange lacaze telment li soild.

7 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo ..

Well Comradejv ..

Gotta agree : u r really toooooooo greatz ..

I really love this this theme/design .. Really rocks ..

U truly are someone creative ..

Coooolz ..

** I know I should have posted this comment in another post but unfortunately couldn’t find any such post ..
** am soorry

7 09 2006

merci anoop c tres genti d ta par. Yo man to fair art ???

7 09 2006

he whai man tone lanse banne nouvo crie 😀 ,mo toutafait dacodac r hans lor sa nokia N93 ek N91 et ausit 3250… c pas que j’aime pas la marque nokia, mais je trouve que samsung pli bon, ki faire mo p dire toi sa: to éna plus de model lor style fermeture clapé, mo croir ki toi si hans to dac r moi mo pas coné si to trouve sa nouvo portable samsung E900 mari pisanr, mais parconte portemonai faire mal kan to al magazin pour pren sa. lol 😉

8 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo comradejv ..

Nopes ..

I don’t do art ..

I’ve the same subject combination as Hans ..

Well, what can I add ..

Yeah .. I nearly forgot ..

The pics u had drawn really rocks ..

Well man,

Gota leave ya now ..

Take care ..

And keep on rocking man ..


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