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8 09 2006

So this is new and hopefully will be one of the most exciting discussion forum. Feel free to share your personal views about any topic, wether it be love matters, school, financial, sexual or family problems…I will do my best to help you to the maximum. Everyone visiting this site will be open to suggestions and solutions…free your heart and mind right here




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8 09 2006

salut nan jai un gard problem mo mari contant n tifi mai li pa la en ce moment

8 09 2006

comradejv to problem grav…if you love someone truely even if she is not here to pou atan li.mai mo pas penser ki its time to fall in love surtout pou ene garcon.
ene jeuness si pas amizer dans lavie srtout ene zom then what is the use of being a man. one day si la fille ki to love destiner pou vine la fam de ta vie then she will be the woman of your life. Procrastinating about the future will lead to nothing. love should not exist at this age but if it does then u should manage and at the same time live your life to the maximum.

8 09 2006

wa to ena raison… mai depi lin aller mo rest pense li. lin pan piss r mwa li lin just go for sometime. c poursa ki mo toujour contant li. et mo profit mo la vie a max……

8 09 2006

yo les psy, I’ve got no problem hahahah mais eski mo ti cav dmande zotte n ti question : how would you value blogging? ok i spit it : i confess the one hiding behind the blogger? hihi

Now i’ll get to see who will be hiding behind the blogger that’s comradejv and nan.

Greata colla between you two : mange ar li plenty plenty mette sa fond ar sotte alla wade wadir > to coser nous nouser 😉 nous cose beaucoup

wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa en place mane 😉 mo trouver ena beaucoup mouvement ici, sa situation psy la mari nisa wheee cav avoy anoop here, sur n patient so bisin traiter la hahahhhaah hey mais pas prend trop cher n camouade meme sa

aler mette sa a fond

Gotta tell me what’s the fees? hihiihi

8 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Elooo ..

Well ..

Thanks hans ..

My problem is that I’ve GOT NONE !!!

At least I think so ..

I love a girl who still loves me but prefer me to remain his friend rather than boyfriend ..

Well .. if i become someone in my life I’ll propose her for marriage .. for sure ..


The girl whom I loved has really changed me ..

Coolz ..

I’ve become calmer than ever .. and most of my bad habits are gone ( I know this will not please everyone ) ..

I’ve changed ..

Thats all I know ..

Love : the unresolved mystery of live ..

Girls : the fabulous creation of god to be cared ; loved & respected ..

Am not interested in finding me a new girl friend ..

Geeeeeeeeeeez .. ( I know it sounds like Shikamaru )

Dunno what to speak else ..

Take care everyone ..


8 09 2006
Dr Nan

hahaha it sounds like you ppl are running after love. let love run after you man!!
anoop piss r fam la mo jir moi si mo ene fam mai fran fran to gaigne mari lenvi marier toi la!!!
amizer mo frere. seriously, do u think that as a man u will b satisfied with one girl onlyat a time? i dont think so!kan ine arive ler pou marier lerla to va comporte toi couman ene dimoune la to bizin vine koutta(lichien) becoz nowadays bien rare to trouve fam ena sentiment. zot rod ziss zom ki ena zoli face, body, plenty money ek c ki deja p chack r zot camarade. alors penser man.
kan ene fam dire toi li envi reste cam r toi sa v dire pna chance sa li pa interested r toi. alors a la chasse…..

Dr Nan

8 09 2006
Dr Nan

Hans toi to reponse c ki ena blog bien kk mai sanela la puiske mo ena la chance exprime moi ek aide lezot dimoune dans zot problem b sa faire moi ene grand plaisir ek make me feel self satisfied. couman mo sorti work mo check blog pou guetter si ena du nouvo.

consultation fees pou augmenter en paralell avec budget each year. la acoz bizin pay tax lor revenue mo pas prens tro cher…500 pay me in pounds please…

DR Nan

8 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Elooooooooooo ..

Thanks for that advice Dr. Nan ..

Je ne sais pas quoi vous dire ..

Il est vrai que je n’agit pas normalement lately ..

Je dois me resaissir ..

Je vour remercie Dr. Nan ..

Je ne plus quoi dire ..

Next time ..

Bye everyone ..

Take care ..

10 04 2013


8 09 2006
Dr Nan

Sa zom! Good reaction anoop. sa ki bon quick action and reaction..
Dr Nan

9 09 2006

hey dr nan mo coné twa ki docter ici mai mo kav pose twa n question?? To p dire 1 zom bisin garde 2 3 fam pou li kav satisfer li. sa v dire kan to pou marrie to pou bisin fer n menage a 3 ou plus “2 mari 1 femme ou 2 femme 1 mari”!!!!! Ki fair to pas contant femme a ce point?? Mwa personelment mo prefer fair camarade r n femme ki r n zom. C plus facile de se confie a un sex opossé, mo ena reson???

9 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Elooo ..

Bonjour tout le monde ..

Hey Mr. Doc ..

My ex and me are no more friends ..

She wants to restart her life anew ..

But me ..

Am feeeling so hollow ..

Geeez ..

What should I do ?

** Suicide ir being killed is too dangerous and risky and the chances to escape death is too high ..

** Euthanasia might have been a good idea but its not legal in Mauritius

” ******************

James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover Lyrics

Did I disappoint you or let you down?

Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?

‘Cause I saw the end before we’d begun,

Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.

So I took what’s mine by eternal right.

Took your soul out into the night.

It may be over but it won’t stop there,

I am here for you if you’d only care.

You touched my heart you touched my soul.

You changed my life and all my goals.

And love is blind and that I knew when,

My heart was blinded by you.

I’ve kissed your lips and held your head.

Shared your dreams and shared your bed.

I know you well, I know your smell.

I’ve been addicted to you.

Goodbye my lover.

Goodbye my friend.

You have been the one.

You have been the one for me.

I am a dreamer but when I wake,

You can’t break my spirit – it’s my dreams you take.

And as you move on, remember me,

Remember us and all we used to be

I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you smile.

I’ve watched you sleeping for a while.

I’d be the father of your child.

I’d spend a lifetime with you.

I know your fears and you know mine.

We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine,

And I love you, I swear that’s true.

I cannot live without you.

Goodbye my lover.

Goodbye my friend.

You have been the one.

You have been the one for me.

And I still hold your hand in mine.

In mine when I’m asleep.

And I will bear my soul in time,

When I’m kneeling at your feet.

Goodbye my lover.

Goodbye my friend.

You have been the one.

You have been the one for me.

I’m so hollow, baby, I’m so hollow.

I’m so, I’m so, I’m so hollow.

” ***************

9 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Re Eloo ..

Hey guys ..

Don’t think I was to suicide and all … okie !!

9 09 2006

@ anoop
yo man, hey piss r sa. mwa si n ta femme in deja piss r mwa. chaque fois kin mone sorti r n femme mo ti coir ki li mem “the perfect one” mais tou ti fauss. mo sure si to sorti r n lot to pou trouver to pou fini bliyé sa. hey to bisin met sa dans to la tet, to ex pas vo twa, to tro bon pou li ok.

9 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Re bonjour ..

Hey .. merci pour ton conseil ..

Even though she was my first love ..

Yeah ..

A la fin .. vous avez raison ..

Je dois me trover une nouvelle demoiselle ..

Mais pas dans l’immediat ..

Plus tard .. peut etre ..

Merci en tout cas ..

Bon ..

Take care ..

Passez une bonne journee ..

9 09 2006

salut nan, O fet je sui une nuvel g entendu dir ke t la meilleure de psy et ke tariv a aider tout le monde!et bein jemrai bien te partager un petit probleme si tu peux maider jen serai ravi. JEM UN MEC VOILA 2 ANS DEJA MAIS IL NEST PAS KELKUN DE TRES CONSEILABLE AS KIL PARAI ET JARIV PAS A ME LANLEVER DE LE TETE!UN CONSEIL SIL TE PLAIT MERCI!

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

hello pou comencer mo ene madame pa ene MR 😉 …… mo pou coumance par repone comradejv kan mo p dire bizin amuser mo p dire sa par aport a zot age. tank ki ene zom ou meme ene fam pa encore commit li li mieux ki li chacker. logiqument parlant bizin chacker pou trouve lame soeur!!!mo ena raison ou pas?
la tolerance ene grand zafaire dans ene couple mai a qui point, sa li depane lor la persone. alors moi mo dire zot franchment chacker oui mai pa blesse zot prochain.
plus tard kan zot ine decide pou fonde ene famille lerla zot mete ene serieux parceque la zot lemonde pou zot mari/fam ek ban kids…alors till u dont have any responsibilities AMIZER MO JIR!!!

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

anoop to tour astere.. mo ene Doctoresse!!!so toi to problem bete but still it is a problem.
to ex ine dire toi refaire to lavie alors what r u waiting for?
li vrai ki le coeur fermal kan tout ine fini dans ene couple ek mo comprend toi ek mo comprend la situation dans lakel to eter. sa pou prend toi one week or one month or even more time to get out of this sadness mais u will certainly come out of it and second thing never u will be able to forget that girl even if u meet someone else later sa je te le garantie..mai pna pu casse latet r sa li normal sa.alors le mieux c pa rode kikaine vite vite mai better to trouve ene loccupation pou exprime toi.par example emerge toi dans la musik ou aprane fer lacuisne seulment pou to propre plaisir ek pou change les idees then kan to latete dire toi VAS Y FONCE lerla to sorte lor coltar to ale lapess. everything u do take ur time and do it well. aussi to bizin montrer to ex that u made it without her….CHEERS man!!

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

salut mel
avant de te repondre quoi que ce soit g une question a te poser
que represente cette persone que tu aimes a tes yeux seulement?
ne me dis pas ce que les gens pensent mai c que toi tu penses de lui!
autre chose tu penses qu’il t’aime aussi fort que toi?
reponds moi et je trouvrai la solution a ton problem
je te le promets

10 09 2006

To ena raison lor tou la line… fran tou

10 09 2006

salut nan, je trouve que c trai coll que tu soi la, maintenant je c a qui madré c, quand j’ai un problémo, en parlant de probléme, en se moment j’ ai quelle que p’ti probléme mageur avec ma mére, c quelle me soulle a coze d’une fille que je fréquent dans les cour de leçon, et sa si sa continu je croi que je vais craqué… tu voix un peu… Soidisan quelle et tro vulgére.

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

salut john si tu sens que tu vas craquer alors dis les 4 verites a ta mere mais gentiment!!defoule toi et demande la quest ce qu’elle trouve vulgaire chez elle! et tu sais quoi ce qui peut arranger les choses entre toi et ta mere c de dire un truc de rigolo sur la fille en question et eclate de rire avec ta maman. apres sa elle cessera de tembeter avec la fille puiskelle rira a chaque fois quelle la vera.
maintenant si elle continue de tembetter avec sa alors viens m’en parler et on trouvera ensemble une autre solution!! 🙂

10 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Bonjour ..

Je m’excuse Madame/mademoiselle Dr Nan ..

Je ne savais pas que vous etait une dame ..

Je m’excuse ..

Merci pour votre conseil ..

I must agree : u r just tooooo cooolz ..

Its true I’ve not be been able to forget her till time and will never forget her ..

Try visiting this : http://anoopsimpleguy.hi5.com

U’ll understand me .. Am sure ..

Well .. concerning looking me a new girl ..

Now ..

U r right : I should find me some distraction ..

Well .. let me tell u all : I WANT TO BECOME A COOOOK …

Hey .. if someone knows what are the pre requisites .. Just inform me ..

Thanks in advance ..

Je te remercie pout tout Dr. Nan ..

Take care ..

A plus …

** All those who wish to visit this simpleguy on hi5 : http://anoopsimpleguy.hi5.com

** Je sais parler/ecrire le creole mais je ne le fait pas car j’ecris le Francais/L’anglais dans le but de m’ameliorer ..

10 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

@ Dr. Nan :

Can u speak a bit on ya plz .. ??

I dunno nothing on ya ..

Just for my general knowledge ..

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

What do u want to know about me?
Im a 24years lady. i work, i have fun, i help and i love music. Liverpool fc fan. mo labouche bien sale when i want to 🙂 Also im nearly a maried woman.
anything else?

10 09 2006

merci baucou pour ton conseil, ok je vais voire sa, et on vaira bien se que sa donne.. a+

10 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Elooo …

Geeeeeeeeeez .. I didn’t meant to make u angry by asking that question ..

Am soooooooooooooooorry ..

By the way .. ur advices are really too gooooooooooood ..

Take care ..

Bye ..

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

Dr Nan is never angry 🙂
i was juz answering to ur query
i said i am ready to answer everything u ask
ghezzzz take care

10 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Ah .. okie ..

Thanks ..

Take care ..

Bye ..

10 09 2006

hey doc ki to pencé sex avan mariage????

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

its immoral 🙂
menti!!it has nothing to do with before or after mariage it will come naturally when u are ready for it. whatever be ur age but u should be ready for it and should asume la responsabiliter de tes actes. its of great importance to both people willing to have sex. it has to do with feelings and not juz phisical satisfaction and pleasure though all three are important. but to have a good experience u should both invest ur heart and soul in the relationship wether it be before or after mariage…

10 09 2006

A dakcor.. mai c pas plus bon ki sorti r kiken dizon 2 a 3 ans apres jour to mariage to gagne to permier relation r sa dimoune ki to contant la. plaisir pas plis fort???

10 09 2006
Dr Nan

Gaigne relation apres mariage li vrai ki li plis ena ene sens mai si li arriver ki sa desir la lever avant mariage alors c la ki c ki mone dire c a considerer.mais si to trouver ki capav atan till wedding then its far better.
dans question ki tone poser la ena plusieurs facon de voir les choses et sa sujet la c plus ene debat ki ene problem alors this is an open debate for everyone FOR OR AGAINST SEX BEFORE WEDDING!

11 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo ..

Bonjour ..

Nice one ..

Coooolz ..

I think well I really should carry out an essay on this topic : FOR OR AGAINST SEX BEFORE WEDDING !!

Who knows ? It may come for the exams ..

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez …

Am fed up ..

Take care everyone ..


11 09 2006

Hello Dr Nan! A friend of mine just told me about you, i find that very interesting to have a virtual psycologist. I hope that you can help me because ive got a few problems which can me to have a depression or breakdown. I am very anxious. so here i go…

Je viens de rompre avec un mec que jai connu il y a trois ans de cela. on allait se marrié et travaillé ensemble et tout. Je suis tomber enceinte de lui 2 fois. la premiere fois on na pas le garder, jetais trop jeune…cela ma vraiment bouleversé parcequil ne mas pas vraiment soutenu moralement. la 2eme fois c’etait il y a trois mois, en juillet dernier je me suis faite avorter a cause d’un mal fonctionnement qui aurait pu me couter la vie. Lui ne comprenait pas ca et voulait absolument le garder.. il croyais que c’etait une facon pour moi de m’eloigné de lui car si on avait eu cet enfant, j’aurais eté forcé de rester avec lui. A noter quil etait mortellement jaloux et possessif, je navais pas le droit davoir d amis, un portable,de sortir… trois ans de ma vie en prison quoi!! Il etait violent, voila la raison de la rupture. il ma donner 3 coups de poings au visage lorsque jetais enceinte de 3 mois, 1 semaine avant lavortement.

Apres un mois sans lui, jai realiser plains de choses!! La liberté! le bonheur detre avce les gens que j’aime! Bref tout ce passe bien. il ne manque pas, alors la pas du tout. jai realisé que l’amour voulait dire plus que sa. je sors, je mamuse,je suis libre, 3 ans de mon adolescence envolé a cause de ce type trop egoiste!!

Apres un mois apres le rupture, jai rencontrer quelquun d’autre. je le connaissais deja bien avant. jamais je n’aurias pu pens╬ sortir avec lui. pour moi, c’etait quelquun que je respectais grave!!! il a 19 ans de plus que moi, il a une fille de 9 ans en france..il a une vie bien charger surtout avec le travail quil fait. c’est quelquun de tres influant dans le monde de la musique mauricienne. il est tres connu. cest pour cela que javais autant de respect a son egard.

Je pense quil est amoureux de moi et quiol n’ose pas me l’avoué. il a peur, il a du mal a me faire confiance!! incroyable. je suis exasperée. jai toujours ete sincere dans mes relations auparavant, mais je pense quil ne me connait pas assez.

Ce qui me fais chier, c quil a toujours de jolies filles autour de lui quand on sort. je ne sais pas comment reagir a ca.. je suis jalouse et c normal je pense mais jai peur de mal reagir et de l’ettouffé.
et puis jai du mal a me laisser aller, jai envie de retomber amoureuse et de mener une vie normale.. mais jai peur, peur de la deception..peur de souffrir sil sen va.
comment dois-je reagir, a quoi penser?
comment lui dire que je l’aime et que c’est avec lui que je voudrais etre? jai peur dune repoonse negative et de me faire jetée….

en plus une fille cohabite chez lui, une blondasse supercielle et qui a beaucoup d’argent… jessaye delui faire confiance mais sa me tue a linterieur.

Aide moi stp, je ne sais plus quoi pensé..
crois tu quil est fait pour moi, dois je me faire autant de soucis? ou dois je le prendre a la legere et jouir de ma vie?


11 09 2006
Dr Nan

Je suis tres contente a l’idee que tu puisse me faire part de ton problem et de tes soucis.
je prenomerai les deux hommes qui font partie de ta vie comme Mr X – le violent et Mr Y – le musicien
je suis entierement daccord avec toi du fait que tu hesites pour entamer une nouvelle relation amoureuse.
Premierement predre deux bebe c tres dure mai es tu entierement remise de ces deux pertes?j’en doute!
courir apres lamour nest certainemet pas une solution.le monde n’est pas fait uniqument d’amour. je ne pense pas que tu es amoureuse de Mr Y c seulement que tu cherche de l’attention et de l’affection aupres de quelqu’un qui represente la securite pour toi.
Tu as eu pleins de vilaines experience dans ta vie en ce qui concerne la vie de couple donc je ne pense pas que le premier venu apres une cassure, est la bienvenue dans ta vie. de plus puisqu’il est tout le temps tres bien accompagne je ne pense pas que c l’homme ideal.
mes conseils:
1. Je vois que tu etais heureuse sans homme apres ta rupture avec Mr X donc pouquoi est ce que tu n,en profite pas plus de cette adolescence volee?
2. Un type de 19ans plus ainee que toi avec une fille de 9ans et une blondasse fiquer a la maison, je pense pas que ce sera du serieux avec toi. il ne fera que samuser. j’en connais des types comme lui!Mefies oti de lui tres chere.
3. Je dis toujours a ceux qui me demande conseils de trouver quelquechose qui leur font plaisir a faire surtout apres une rupture ou une deception. Apprends la couture, la cuisine ou autre chose qui demande beaucoup de ton temps et qui de doneront une entiere satisfaction personnelle.
4. Ne t’accrochent pas trop a des amis, c mieux de te raprocher de des parents. Essaie de rattraper le temps perdu. Oublie l’amour pour le moment car nul ne cherche l’amour, c’est l’amour qui frappe a notre porte.
5. Une annecdote que j’aimerai partager avec toi: Rien n’est mieux que de prendre le bus seule un jour et de ne pas savoir ou ce bus t’emmenera. Chaque semaine fait une escapade loin de tous. Munis de pleins de trucs a grignoter pendant le trajet visite les lieux que tu ne connais pas. Je te donne la garantie que tu te retrouveras et tu apprendras a mieux te connaitre.
6. Ne cours jamais apres lamour.Si Mr Y t’aime ile te l’avoura mais venant d’un homme, mieux vaut ne jamais garder espoir!!S’il t’aime sincerement il te l’avoura.

11 09 2006
Dr Nan

For anoop
Lol mone ale fer recherche avant mo dire toi cot sa to cav ale aprane cook
bon ena ene place belle rose a coter islamic college Pavaday cuisine
u may go there
Else if u want to make a career as cook alors u have to do food studies and chemistry pou ki to gaigne entry dans l’ecole hoteliere ebene R Hill
Sinon si to ziss envi badiner alors u may learn for free by helping ur mum preparing diner each night 😉
U sure will not forget ur first love but u have to try to coz it will affect ur relationship when u’ll go out with another girl because u will want to find ur ex girl friend in her..
Take Care Pal

11 09 2006

@ anoop,

yo mane sorry for being late here ;P

Have checked your site on hi5, way too cool dude, aufaite a propos de cook la viens m’en parler, mon père il travaille à l’Ecole Hotelière comme prof alors je crois qu’il pourra mieux de renseigner……..

haha non faut pas du chemie et du food studies pour entrer dedans 😉 😉 🙂

@ Dr.Nan

yo, franfran trop bien, tu fais du bon travail ici. Trop kool habitué lire ton banne consultation et wheee aprane n tas ar toi la ;P way to kool, highway ;P my way

12 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo ..

Bonjour ..

Primo je tiens a remercier Hans et Dr. Nan pour leur aide ..

Je vous remercient du tout profond de mon coeur ..

@ Dr. Nan :

I cannot but agree that u truly are a great psychologist.
Thanks for ur help ..

@ Hans :

Thanks dude .. Thankszzz ..
Concerning my Hi5, I was not telling ya to visit it ..
But well ..

Take care everyone ..


12 09 2006
Dr Nan

thx for those kind words

Hans l’effort ki compte!!!LOLLLLL mone done conseil dapres c ki ene professeur food studies lorete ine dire moi
Sorry anoop i tried though dude!! 😉

Anoop and Hans mo pas ene grand psy but i try to find practical solutions to drive peoples problems awys. my only wish is that i do help you and that i become your confidente so that i may help to drift troubles away.

Sometimes its good that u also share ur happy moments with me 😉

Anyways what i have to say is that Dr Nan is your confidente so PROFITEZ AU MAXIMUM

13 09 2006

Bonsoir doc sa va, hey mo ti envi conné ki paser dans n femme so latet?? n femme ki li expect r zom avan ou kan li p sorti r zom la???

Ki kav fair pour plair n femme?? Acause ena femme ki contant ban zom genti ena ki contant zom violent?? cuma to pou cone sa????

13 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Bonsoir everyone ..

@ Dr. Nan

Merci pour ton aide et soutien ..

Comme tu l’as dis, c’est l’intention qui compte ..

Je te remercie de nouvo ..

Hey ..

Je ne peut m’empecher de dire : ” Soooooooorry ; Je m’excuse ; pardon et merci ”

Nah rien .. J’ai oublier .. 😉

Okie ..

@ Comradejv

Nice question …

Keep on buddy ..

Take care everyone ..

Passer une tres bonne fin de soiree ..

Bye ..

13 09 2006
Dr Nan

b qui passe dans ene fam so latete kan li sorti ek ene zom!!hmmm malheureusement tout fam pas couman moi!si mo pou donne mo lopinion lor la beaucoup fam pas pou d’accord r moi.
Moi kan mo guet ene zom mo guet so lamain avant si li bien entretenu sinon mo bourerrrrrrrrrr!!!LOL kan sorti ek mo zom mo nec guet autour moi..en d’autre mats mo reste lor tension ek aux aguets mo checker si lezot fam p guet li si zot p guet li mo manz mo coup mo rie decon apres mo tir manzer!!lol
sinon moi vu qui mo dans ene stage avancer dans mo relation mo plistot penser que kan mo sorti ek mo boug eski mo faire li happy enough, eski mo provide him with care and attention enough pou ki li pas quitte moi zamais. o fait nous les fam nous tous les temps on guard ek nou bizin accomodate ek zom la. enfin c c ki mo penser.
sinon concernant zom gentil ou vieolent!!sa li depane dimoune sa LOLLL!

13 09 2006
Dr Nan

b qui passe dans ene fam so latete kan li sorti ek ene zom!!hmmm malheureusement tout fam pas couman moi!si mo pou donne mo lopinion lor la beaucoup fam pas pou d’accord r moi.
Moi kan mo guet ene zom mo guet so lamain avant si li bien entretenu sinon mo bourerrrrrrrrrr!!!LOL kan sorti ek mo zom mo nec guet autour moi..en d’autre mats mo reste lor tension ek aux aguets mo checker si lezot fam p guet li si zot p guet li mo manz mo coup mo rie decon apres mo tir manzer!!lol
sinon moi vu qui mo dans ene stage avancer dans mo relation mo plistot penser que kan mo sorti ek mo boug eski mo faire li happy enough, eski mo provide him with care and attention enough pou ki li pas quitte moi zamais. o fait nous les fam nous tous les temps on guard ek nou bizin accomodate ek zom la. enfin c c ki mo penser.
sinon concernant zom gentil ou violent!!sa li depane dimoune sa LOLLL!

13 09 2006

LOL si tou femme ti cuma twa mo ti pou ramass beaucou problem acause mo contant mange zonge haha…. mo p rode sein aret mais pas kav. Heureusement mo copine bien contant mo la main?? Acause li si mange so zonge…

13 09 2006

hello dr!!
1st of all i wanna congratulate u for really helping these guys,koz really,i thnk tht looking back at that taboo,which still predominates in our country,the teens of today really needed tht help! thx!

ya,so,unfortunately even ive gt a problem which keeps on roaming on top of my head like a dark cloud!

it happened such tht im hearbroken koz,i’ve really loved sum1for 3 years now n we had to break up koz he cheated on me in the real sense!

we were friends,n thn he proposed me 3 years ago!after tht,as a mere coincidence we got the opportunity to come abroad for for studyin together!he was a very very very nice guy,whom the whole bunch of frens we had loved!
bt along tht,i had a fren,who was,n is still really flirtish..n a bit..much much more thn tht!
we all spent 2 years abroad studying,everythng was kinda perfect, n 1 day i come to know tht he”s been cheating on me,with tht very gurl,whos supposed to be my friend n tht he had lied sooo much!he was sum1 who could lie or hurt sum1!really brilliant n all!
we broke,n he went with tht xxxxx!in these events,he’s been insulting me loadz even though i was not to be blamed,just tht he pretended tht i was making his life miserable!anywz,i neevr said anythng in return koz i really love him!n have had the moments of my life with him!

the problem is tht!now i no,i’ve got to 4get him n i really thought tht,this wud be easy for me,koz im sum1 really really tough!bt,i’ve realised tht nothngs goin right!i cant 4get him at all!hes like omnipresent 4 me!even though i no now,everythngs hes been doin behind my back!

its like,i’ve been keeping myself soo busy just to 4 get him,bt its really hard!i dnt no wht to do!
onone side thrs my self respect,n the other thrs sum1 i love soo much,who i thnk doesnt even care abt me!im in a whirpool which is destroying me n my ego badly!!n also,he thnks of me now,koz tht very gurl has been telling him soo many bad thngs abt me!
i dnt no wht do!i keep on running away from my life!
i cant accept tht fact koz i still love him soo much

i really need help now!

thx in advance

14 09 2006
Dr Nan

Thx for praising me so much
So same old problem about heart break.i agree to the fact that u cant forget him. 3years together its a long way side by side. it will certainly be difficult to get him out of your mind and might also be impossible do u know why? its mostly becoz u loved him and he cheated on you.

It will not be an easy task. what i would suggest is that u should meet new people. i dont mean go out with someone else but cetainly juz hang around with people just for fun. have u heard of the laughing therapy? juz read about it on the net it might help. else what u can do is think about all the worst things that ur ex did to you, cry a whole lot. u r saying that u r a tough person, so in my opinion i guess that this is the only obstacle to your not forgetting him since u keep all ur emotions hidden. i should say that once u r heart broken it is difficult to forgive and forget though u try a lot so keep this in mind and u’ll c things will gradually be ok.
something else jst keep in mind that you are worth much better than ur ex. he just doesnt deserve you nor ur love.
something else i dont know if u are aware of the love cycle so here it is:
u jus have to skip obsession and start hating him then u will slowly ignore him.
If these advice help i will be happy but if it doesnt then write to me again

take care

14 09 2006
Dr Nan


mone dire toi tou fam pa pareile


14 09 2006

hello once again dr!

thx soo much for the reply!
bt the problem is tht i’ve met loadz of people after tht bt he’s the 1 whos still omnipresent!

its like,a small part of me still waits for him though i no ,if ever he returns thrs no guarantee tht he’s not gonna cheat on me again!
im trying to 4 get him!i try to hate him!bt i just cant!its just infront of him tht i pretend to hate him!

im sum1 really joyful!having loadz n loadz of frens!n keep smiling all the time!

bt its just whn i return back home after a day among frens,thteverythng start cropping up again!

its hard!i’ve even got loadz of proposals after him!bt im not ready for anythng!my heart craves for him,though i no tht he’s not worth me!

wht i decided is tht to keep myself soo busy tht i’ll 4get everuthng!bt,even tht doesnt work!

wht shud i do now?


14 09 2006
Dr Nan

Hello Ashi
So i guess the best t hing is that u go out with him again but this time try to be more vigilant and pay attention to everything he tells u and if there is any tiniest doubt in your mind about him then be honest with him and say wwhatever u have to and what ever u want to
guess that there is the only way out.
start going out with him again but do not forgive him for what he did and make him know about him.he will change i hope!!
aboove all try to have a long conversation with him to know where both of u stand in the relationship.
if things work out between u then i just wish u happiness and if things remain stagnant and problems unsolvable then better make ur way alone and try to find someone else to share your life
i hope this one will help

14 09 2006

hi dr!

thk u soo much for the reply!
i really hope ur advises do work!
thx again

15 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo ..

Good afternoon everyone ..

@ Dr. Nan ..

Greetings ..

Hope u r well ..

I dunno why but everyday when I wake up I feel hollow ..

Memories flash back ..

Yet .. I can’t forget anything ..

I’ve tried to find me an occupation apart my studies :
1.) I’ve programmed a complete P2 program for someone ..

2.) Since the last 2 days, I’ve been trying to repair my broken Hard Disk .. Succeeded today ..

But still .. cannot forget ..

Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ..

I dunno what to do ..

Could u plz suggest something this simpleguy could do ..

Dunno me ??

Nopes .. I found ..

Hey .. suggest me some good songs / anime or manga ..

Thanks in advance ..


16 09 2006
Dr Nan

Sorry friends i will not be seen online for some days coz im sending my laptop for repairs. It might take a week or two. do keep send me your comments, it will bw a pleasure to answer u back when i will connect.

till then take care
c ya

18 09 2006


25 09 2006

Hi eh jay wat happen??? can’t c u online ? ya to site mari cool keep it on.
i want an urgent reply on my homail add o k bye tekker muah.

p.s mo kner mo pa suposer vin dir toi sa la mai its the only way to communicate to u .

3 10 2006
*** Yashni ***

Salu Jayv..
franchmen tro tro bien ton site et merci pour t comms…
Ben moi g aucun prob pour l’instan mai sinon j’aimerai bien dire kelke chose a USHA..Ben voila moi osi g t dan la mem merde ke toi ben sui parti acc celui ki m’aime…c vrai ke g toujours pa oublier celui ke jaimer et c pa si g l’oubliere mai on senvoi d texto d foi et mem tu c koi c lui ki vien ver moi mntnan…Mai bof la vie continu koi..pourkoi tu doi souffrir pour kelkun ki taime pa alor ke y a kelkun dotre ki peut vraimen tou donner pout etre acc toi…VI TA VIE A FOND MA CHERE,SA C PA DONNER A TOU LE MONDE…G veu surtou pa jouer o psy mai c t juste une conseil car g vecu preske la mem chose..

4 10 2006
*** Yashni ***

Et wep tu c koi USHA ben c nou ki “porte le string dans le couple” : )… alor les mecs tu les lais courir…
Ben sinon g vou lais ladres d mon blog, vou seriez les bienvenu (matchoune01.skyblog.com)..noubier pa vos comm..


4 10 2006

hey Yashni pas just femme ki port string aster ena string pou homme si alor lot ki bisin courir derire nous.. 🙂 😉

4 10 2006

haha ..mo pe gagne extra rire qund mon lire sa ban zafer la ….fran tou sa man la mo koir li pas pe vivre..moi mo dir qund 1 fam pe fair 1 ta manier bizin montre li so lagel et garde lot fam..car ena fam cave koir qui toi tro love li et li cave quit toi ou sorti ar toi qund li envi ..moi mo dir qund 1 pis ar toi..al lot lot tou de suit ena tro bcp fam dns sa pay la….

6 10 2006

Wai Jayv.. surtou ban mec kuma toi la bizin expect ki zot met string mem sa..lol

Et wep “Mastermind” justement nu osi nu pa manque mec alor ban kuma toi ben vou poV aller voir ailleur,nou les fam on a rien a foutre…hah!!! lol…

6 10 2006


E oh ki to p rode dire par “ban mec cuma mwa”?????? Firstly: mo pas cuma tou les mec ok…
Secondly: mo met boxer-short et non string lol…

Dak 😉

6 10 2006
Dr Nan

Im back on z jod feels that mank un peu conseil par ici.
bon pour coumancer bienvenu zot tou …bein pour ceux ki nouvo ici..
moi je trouve qu’il y a trop de gens dans ce pays!!!
kifer bizin laguerre..
alors les problems de jeune couple sont pas des problems car les je pense que les jeunes doivent s’amuser o lieu de prendre des relations amoureuses o serieux.ene dimoune so life expectation est de 60 ans alors li bete zot gaspille zot lavie pendant tout sa letemp la garde ziss 30ans zot lavie pou prend responsabiliter!!!alors juska lage de 30 ans zot bizin live life to z max ek amizer…sorti, roule lor coltar, chacker, manzer, boire…sa ki lavie…arete mete seryeux bonheure bonheure!!

take care
Dr Nan

6 10 2006

well well well….wats to say…….nice blog….ena bane choz interessant comme teens discussion….to psy(meme si ena des choz si pa dak….anyway each one has their own opinion)….et to syllabus(0 et A Level)dpi ene lepok ti p rode sa .never thought pou gagne sa lor to site..lol……..manz r li….o moins to gagne ene lote occupation 😉

6 10 2006

@Dr Nan

oui to ena raison mwa si mone trouver aster ki bisin sorti r femme just pou pass ene lestan have fun and bye bye est rode ene lot acause bon dieu in met tou femme lor la terre pas pou far joli. nu ban zomme nu mange pli beaucou c ki nu kav avan le jour final pou al met pendi ( mariage) mo p rode dire la..:-)

8 10 2006

Yo jv. nice post, some nice advices too! by the way you have been tagged. check my blog 🙂

8 10 2006

oops, wrong url! here is the right one :Kyusphere.blog.mu

9 10 2006

Hey Jayv..ben si t pa com tou les mecs sa lais a voir..

et wai bizin vine check ene kout koz 4 sure sa to met string..haha..lol g c ke tu va me tuer kan to pu zwen moi..

10 10 2006

Ales kan mo vin Good-lands mo va montre twa ki mo metter endan mo calson ok… 😉 tekker bye…..

20 10 2006
*** Yashni ***

Dak.. g taten..loool sui impatiente..hahah..

Ey pass sur mon blog kan ta le temps…

kiiisssssssssaaaaaaaaaa tooooooooooiiiiiiiiii…………….

20 10 2006

Erm ..

Elooooooo ..

Greetings everyone ..

@ Dr. Nan ..

A question Doc .. Do u think am obssessed ?? Could u plz visit http://anoopsimpleguy.blogspot.com

@ ComradeJv ..

Thanks man .. Hey .. am not making publicity for my blog .. Okie ..

Don’t get me wrong .. please ..

I just need to know what Dr. Nan thinks about it ..

@ Yashni ..

Erm .. greetings Ma’am ..

I’d be grateful if u could leave ur blog’s address .. if u allow this simpleguy to visit it .. 🙂

Erm .. could I know a bit more on ya ( sans vous offencer biensur ) ..

Thanks everyone ..

Take care ..

Byez ..

~ anoop : simple wanderer of Lost KingDom ..

22 10 2006
Dr Nan

bear this in mind
well my friend this is the love cycle….
i am pretty sure u wouldnt want to end up hating ur angel!!!
had i been in your place, i would have certainly reacted in the same way…i dont blame u coz losing some one dear to u is quite painful…
i want to ask u something…what do u do in life and what does ur angel do in life?why has ur relationship come to an end?for me to reply further and try to find a solution i need to know.

take care
Dr Nan

22 10 2006

Elo anoop, ba voila l’adres d mon blog,lol


et si tu veu savoir d truc sur moi..ba y fo attendre..

et wep noublie pa d me laiC d comm sur mon blog!!!


24 10 2006

Hello Dr Nan am very happy to have u again on my website.. So mo p mari confuse acause ena 1tifi ki envi sorti r mwa et mwa si mo trouve li corec mais mone refuse li parce ki mo toujour contant sa tifi ki “to conner la.” eski mo p bien fair ou pas?? merci davance et essay repone ausi tot ki to libre ok bye 😉

24 10 2006
Dr Nan



hmm to ler fini couman anoop?
mo pense pas.eski tifi ci ki mo conner la ine donne toi signe?the least she could have done is to give u a sign since she has gone so far!but she didin’t i guess so!
to conne bien c ki mo p rode dire.u should run after the one who loves u and not after the one whom u love coz the one who loves u might keep u much better and love u even more than u can imagine than the one u love.and this applies to all u people.
i will juz tell u to think once more and take what ive juz said into consideration before making up ur mind about saying yes or no to that girl who juz proposed to you..
take care

24 10 2006

oui lin pan donne mwa aucun sign de vie. mais cuma mo pou conner si sa tifi kin propose mwa really love me or she just want play wiz me????? I don’t like short relation!

24 10 2006
Dr Nan

pou ki to conner u have to give it a try.sans ki to essayer nanier to pas pou conner.no one likes short relationships so to find the ONE u have to give the girl a chance.
si to pas happy and if u dont feel comfortable with her then the best way is to be really honest with that person.pas cachiette li nanier so that later li pena aucaine reproche pou fer toi.
i would advise u to give a try for ur own good.its the best means to forget the past.
cheers and take care
Dr Nan

24 10 2006

ok i will do it after my exam…. thanks for advise

6 11 2006
Dr Nan

@ comradejv

Happy Bday and best wishes

Dr Nan

6 11 2006

merci beaucou cuma tone conner mo birthday zordi?? 😉

29 11 2006

slt,ofait mo parents ine coner ki mo p sorti avk ene garson,despite having problems my bf wants me to mit him at any costs..i dnt want to mit him coz mo pa envi gagne problems,he jst dnt understands…e line dir ki mo p envi kit li e mo p piss r li!!!!!!!!!

29 11 2006

Hi guys ( and gurls)

This blog seem to be interesting. good job and keep it up

5 12 2006
Dr Nan

hi teens
sorry for not being here all the time as im quite busy these days

if you feel that your parents are more important than him then you juz have to tell your bf that you are ending things right here.pas bizin to roule li to bizin dire li ene fois pour toute ki to pas ler continue things with him.

astere si to senti ki to pas pou capav vivre sans li alors to ena ene choix.soit piss r parents faire face problem pou ki plis devant zot reussi ou bien to reste trankil to suffer.

la la solution c de voir ce que toi tu as envie!pas c ki people envie.nous tous jeunes.nou dusang chaud alors si nou envi foncer dans lavie donc bizin fer face tou kaliter problems pou vine strong.a commencer par problem couple.

take care
Dr Nan

7 12 2006

WOW !!

no comments :P:P

9 12 2006

hey Dr Nan..thnks a lot..well ma parents r mst important..thus mo p envi pisse r li..bt hw shud i tell him all these??

9 12 2006

Ooops ..

u’ve been tagged .. soooorry 😛

see ‘a to z meme’ ..

14 01 2007

Hi jayva..how’s life for you..think 2morrow is your results..good luck..bye

28 01 2007

hi jayva please can you send your eamil add

28 01 2007

hello may i know who r u??

28 01 2007

hello Richa may i know who r u???

28 01 2007

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28 01 2007
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13 07 2018

Select Your Pockets

Imaginary and non-existent pseudo-currency that’s worthless on its own till you’ll be able to convince some douche bag to buy it from you and trade it for actual currency or goods. The other fifty two – together with Microsoft, Expedia, Mozilla, and Shopify – all accept BTC, whereas 25 accept Litecoin , 15 settle for Sprint , 13 settle for Ethereum, 14 settle for Bitcoin Cash , 12 settle for Monero , and 15 settle for Dogecoin In different phrases, Bitcoin is essentially the most usable cryptocurrency as a method of fee, for the simple purpose that any merchant that accepts any crypto is nearly sure to accept Bitcoin, while the identical cannot be said for other coins.

Over the past days, my cell phone, most likely like that of so many others, has been inundated with repeated messages by and different cryptocurrency merchants spreading the joyful news that Kerċem sisters (or was it twins?), different crypto holdings and several plucky housewives from Mosta have made hundreds of euros on the bitcoin markets simply by following directions, taking on challenges or accepting enticing offers.

In keeping with Mark Campbell, a financial analyst in Crypto Wealth 2018 Investments Ltd, Crypto Wealth 2018 is a trading system one thing that existing infrastructure and really quick computer systems used to buy belongings, currency and futures and promoting in monetary markets.

The reason I keep it forward of the trend however never one hundred% of 1 is that BTC v altcoin market cycles change, there are times when they commerce inversely and other occasions the place they rise and fall together and as such this offers a extra even development trajectory.

Anyway its all up to you as to whether get this FREE and Famous auto trader or buy some junk which might cost Minimum Hardware To Mine Litecoin How Many Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Usa greater than a thousand bucks and still fails to offer any revenue.

Think about that the internet is a country and has its own forex, thats a cryptocurrency however aside from that Cryptocurrency can also be a reputation given to tokens and cash that are not exactly currencies for humans to make use of but maybe compensation systems inside machines to verify issues are working as they need to (see IOTA) or tokens used to move fiat abroad (see Ripple).

4 10 2018
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car Mazda

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