My bonzai

9 09 2006

Its my cousin who have make it for me. At the begin i thought the tree was dead. Its only after 1 week that the first leaf has grow up. My brother have a bonzai too, it’s him who advise me
how should i cut stem and the leaf every week..

Its a goyava tree which have 10 years, it is about 12cm height..

Compare it to a nomal goyava leaf.. Its 2cm on width..

If you have one at your place, tell me how do you treat it??




2 responses

9 09 2006

hey dear!!
sorry for being late to check on ur website…bt i can say tht its really too great wht ur up to!!

keep up the zeal!!its really fascinating to find todays teens doin such thngs!!

manz r li

10 09 2006

pena problem importance c ki tone reusi vin fair n lestour lor mo playground…

to bisin vin fair lestour pli souvent….

hope mo trouve twa beintot lor sa site la

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