Video clips

11 09 2006


Shayne Ward- No Promises

Call on me

Shakira-hips don’t lies-bamboo

Shakira-hips don’t lies

Half-life soundtrack


Pussycat dolls- Beep

Eminem-Ass like that

Linkin Park-In the end

Linkin Park-Somewhere i belong

If you want to view a video clip which don’t have on this page leave me the name in the comment box…




12 responses

12 09 2006

he cuz, he whai to bane clip top net,bain siki ti pou marie seryé encore si to ti kave méte les tous dernier clip de linkin park apré le réste mo dire toi mo bizin pensé, ok la et merci davance man, et mo pou signial ban cam french, parconte zote pou done toi du fil a retorde 😉
alé A+++ et encore bravo pour ton web

12 09 2006

ok cuz mo pou rode sa pou twa. Mo pou met clip ‘in the end’ ek ‘somewhere i belong’ ok

15 09 2006
anoop simpleguy

Eloo …

Greetingz ..

Hey .. Just wanted to say that there’s an error in : “PLEASE WAIT”, IT MAIGHT TAKE TIME TO LOAD THIS PAGE” ..

Instead of “Might”, u’ve written “Maight” ..

Okie ..

Am just pointing ya this error ..

Don’t come on to think that am an “Anglois” .. Okie ..

Take care ..

Keep on rocking man ..


19 09 2006
James Hokpkins

hello hello hello

19 09 2006

hello jeames wellcome to my site so how did you get my web address

20 09 2006

hi this is gemma i think all these songs are beyond brilliant and i really love shane ward and shakira they are my fav i have wacted the video of her and it is cool well catch you later got a run bye b

20 09 2006

Wow everyone on that earth love Shane ward…

Ya i agree wiz u gemma. Shakira is too good, i think she is an angel coming from heaven….

4 10 2006

extra bon ban clip la mais mo tourver qui pe lesse ban dimoun qui ecout house music ou bien tou ban lamusic electronic dns coin …pas bon sa…manque inpe clip house ou ban best dj in the world…..mais mon tourve 1 son deep dish …sa mari bon……

12 10 2006

sltttttttttttttt vaaaaaaa to BIZIN REVISER aret pran shane ward conte twa to bizin revise ok mwa si bien bizin reviser pu mo gagne cado r mo soeur cherieeeeeeeeeee pa cner ki pu dir twa enkor byeeeeeeeeeee pa blier le 15 dimanche

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