Sale Shop

19 09 2006

In that corner, you can sell articles like mobile phone, book, cd, electronic machine; Whatever that can be sold.

How to proceed:
Give as much detail of your article as possible, the price you want to sell it and for how much time you used it.




7 responses

19 09 2006

I want to sell my xbox. I have used it for 2 months and want to sell it with all of my cd’s video game at Rs7000….. Price can be negotiate……

20 09 2006

I’ve got a Nokia 3100 and a motorola T191. In good conditions. Anyone interested, you can contact me.

I would like to further declare that is no more maintained by Hans from BlogoSquare.

You’ve to pull it by yourself now comradejv, good luck. Now you’re gonna have to fly by your own wings my friend.

BlogoSquare has to figure it by itself now.

20 09 2006

Hi…You have been tagged

Visit my blog for more

27 09 2006

Nokia n70. used 3months and it’s in a very good condition. if interesting repply me this page..

28 09 2006

@ Calin
eh would like to know how much u selling it?

28 09 2006


29 09 2006

@ Calin
thx will let u no may b i’ve got a client k

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