4 10 2006

On this post their will be all kind of video music. Each Wednesday i will post 2 video clips specify by categories: techno, rock, house, dance, etc…. Don’t be angry with me Hans from blogosquare because you also doing this each week.

So today the 2 video clips will be on the category of techno:

Madonna – Issac vs. Ofra Haza (Offer Nissim RX) – Live

Pakito – Living on Video

Hope you will enjoy it.




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5 10 2006

fucky shit, you’re picking every of my things. dain fucker. dain fucky cousin. I’m gonna take out my katana and kick your ass till you mum won’t know you. hey that’s unfair man, you could have come up with things a bit more original mane, gotta think a bit else your brain gonna rot mane.

well you could put the title Utube Fun Sequel as you’re. Move your ass a bit and kick me with original stuff man. Then I can really come here and kid around. Even if that’s just a line of shit.

fucker ;P fucker and fucker 😛

5 10 2006

angry with you? dain fucker ;P

Hans’s doing the same, hein?
I’m not doing the same, I came up with this, so you could really ask me for something of different something of original : I would have helped you instead of getting my dictionary of foul language onto that comment.

5 10 2006

hey man i’ve not pick your ideas. its just that some of my friend told me if i could add some video clip on my site, thats why i’ve made this post. 😉 🙂

5 10 2006
BlogoSquare | Error 404 : the kid not found

[…] Psssss for my fucky cousin : Have fun my bro. But sure I’m gonna sue for plagiarism. I’ll learn that CC and gonna stick it’s rules to your ass. Hey don’t forget to rename the sequel from Utube to Utube Fun Sequel. When you copy, copy it exactly. I’ll buy myself a katana and pay you a visit for the summer vacation. (Just kidding ) […]

15 10 2006

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15 10 2006


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19 10 2006


19 10 2006


hello u, thanks for visiting my website. So who is hinding behind this mask.. 😉

19 10 2006


19 10 2006

@ mr.west

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11 11 2006

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24 11 2006

there`s nothin here..really bored!!

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