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18 10 2006

Today it will be for lonely and heartbroken person.

I dedicate this song for my friend anoop.
Jeams Blunt – Goodbye my Lover

Nsync – This i promise you

So don’t have to tel you again and again to leave your comment lol




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18 10 2006
anoop simpleguy

Thanks man ..

Thanks ..

18 10 2006

yo man tro lover to bane clip si to kave méte bane lote musik love sa ti pou encore + sériyé… mais p encore atane bane clip linking park 😉 merci d’avance a+

18 10 2006

aaaah i can’t stand James Blunt !!!!!

19 10 2006

hey cuz cass pas la tet je vais les mettre la semain prochain pou twa ok


19 10 2006

Elooo ..

Hey Jayva .. Just wanted to say that u can post comments on my blog now : anoopsimpleguy.blogspot.com ..

Another question : Is Dr. Nan still around ??

Pffffffffff .. am feeeeling so down ..

19 10 2006

hey dr nan is still there u can post your comment she will repply you ok..

20 10 2006

What nice song hope the girl you wrote it for likes it!!!!

21 10 2006

@comradejv :
it’s way too sad and depressive. I would suicide if i listen the entire album.
But maybe it fits (i don’t know if you say it like that i english) your mood. In fact, it would fit for anyone in anoop’s case… (sorry for you)

21 10 2006

James blunt’s song is zat depressive zat it is the top funeral songs in UK n also may be the most irritating…
see here

22 10 2006

Erm ..

Love this album ..

C’est trop la classssssssssse ..

James Blunt .. U r really someone nice 😛 .. Thanks for all these beautiful songs ..

By the way .. I listen to all these songs everyday .. ( but it never came to my mind to suicide .. erm maybe 10 to 15 times :p .. if u think u want to suicide, listen carefully to You Are Beautiful : … “its time to face the truth .. 😦 ” )

Learnt them by heart .. 🙂

Pfff .. bon .. its true his songs are depressive but the lyrics are really meaningful .. 🙂

@ ComradeJv :

Thanks broza .. Concerning Dr. Nan question, I’ll reply sooon ..

Soooorry .. 😦

22 10 2006

loool waz !
je fais un plagia et poste cette page sur mon blog si ça t’ennuie pas…

22 10 2006

comradejv: sa va ou koi?; alore c vrai tu peu trouvais tous les clip kon veu, alore si c sa fais pété tou les clip-zik de linking park et de nirvana, je te remérci d’avance mon ga a+++++++++

24 10 2006


ok man je v fair le necesair pour toi ok… Par azar t pas un ami de john?? 😉

25 10 2006

comradejv: whai chui le pote de john, dit moi pour koi vous l’appellé comme sa?? JOHN?

26 10 2006


ou lapel john parce que Johnatan c tro longue. ou la ziper et c devenu John tou cour..

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