27 02 2007

Anafraline is medicine allowing you to have sex for two hours easily.. Their two dosage of this medicine. 10mg for a short one about one hour and with the 25mg you can go easily on two hours and may be more… The only a side effect is that you will get difficulty to shit after having sex.

How to Take it?

Take it one hour before going in action..

The only thing i can say is “Have a good”

Leave a message if you want more information about it..




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19 03 2007

Does this drug have any other side effect apart from the one mentioned, Thanks.

21 03 2007

no their’s no effect side apart the one i’ve mentioned.. thanks you for having visiting the blog..

16 04 2009

you said,The only thing i can say is “Have a good”

Leave a message if you want more information about it..

i want to know more about this drug

17 06 2009

i was wondering where can i get this drug?please let me know asap…thnx

3 08 2009

Don’t really know this drug, i know mamy person who use it et and talk well about it.

10 11 2010
Abdul rahman

Dis drug is an anti depresant, but d side effect are many eg. Yawning blore vission, dry throat. And it increase sex longevity. D drug is good we are making use of d side effect.

14 11 2010

U people are stupid, use ur God’s given ability God knows why he create u lik dat.

4 10 2011

Its a nyc drug, but it kinda make u fil sick wen there is no sex occurance or disapointment

27 10 2011
Maduakolam Uche

Yeahh the drug is good but how often can one be taking it

23 07 2012

Does the drug enhance erection?

1 01 2014

1: does it increase the sieze of penis and long does it last in someone’s body.
2: what happens if u take it and didnt have sex

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