Problems with guys.

9 04 2007

(1) If you treat him nicely he says ur in luv with him,
if you don’t he says ur proud.

(2) If you dress nicely he says ur trying to lure him,
if you don’t he says ur outdated.

(3) If you argue with him he says ur stubbort,
if you remain quiet he says you have no brain.

(4) If ur smarter than him he’ll luz face,
if he’s smarter than you he’s great.

(5) If you don’t love him he tries to prossess you,
if you love him he tries to leave you.

(6) If you don’t make love with him he says you don’t love him,
if you do he says ur cheap.

(7) If you tell him your problems he says ur troublesome,
if you don’t he says you don’t trust him.

(8) If you scold him ur like grandma to him,
if he scolds you its because he cares for you.

(9) If you break your promise you can’t be trusted,
if he breaks his, he is forced to do so.

(10) If you smoke you are a bad girl,
if he smoke he is a gentleman

(11) If you do well in exams he says its luke,
if he does well he says its brain.

(12) If you hurt him your cruel,
if he hurts you you are sensitive.

Written by SWETA.

Are you agree with that guys?? So leave your comment to show Miss Sweta her’s mistaken.




4 responses

12 04 2007
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[…] Problems with guys. […]

13 04 2007

mmm .. nice this topic .. 😀

well ma’am .. generalising is really poor stuff ..

what if boys use the same points you forwarded to counter attack ?

enfin .. i repeat once it once more .. all boys are not alike and likewise, all girls are not alike ..

girls – the magical creation of god to be loved, cared and respected ..

different people live differently with diffent thoughts in mind – everyone is unique in his/ her way..

oops .. got sort of deviated ..

enfin ..

2 08 2007

what a nice topic!!!!
all i can say is ITS REALLY TRUE!!!! guys

18 10 2017

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