14 04 2010

Do you know the true meaning for the word Friendship?



Friend is someone who you feel secure, understanding, comfortable to speak whatever pass though your mind. I recently meet someone who pass on the same pathway like me, her dad just pass away like mine and her boyfriend also left her like mine. lol. She understand me like no one before and i feel like she always know me.. I did not really know if it’s god who sent her for me or it’s just an hazard. Since that i’ve know this girl i feel so much better and i get trust upon myself.. Thank you so much dear..

p.s this is for you my dear friend Varousha Raman.




3 responses

14 04 2010

Thank you so much dear.. i have met you when i was facing the most unbearable moment of my life and you were always here as an angel to support me.. its so nice to have a friend like you.. so i wish that our friendship become more strong as the day passes.. Even a lifetime wont be enough for me to thank you for everything that you have done for me.. True friend like you are unique.. i will always be here for you…

14 04 2010

me too dear i will always be here for you… hey it’s no need to thank me.. friend is here for this is it? you r the most sweetest girl i’ve ever meet.

9 04 2016

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